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Minimize Your Risk, Maximize Your ROI – Put Your Money to Work with Legacy Exploration!

Take the first step toward direct ownership of oil and gas resources in the United States.

Why Invest with Legacy Exploration?

There are several major tax benefits available for oil and gas investors. Our team of experts can help you take advantage of these benefits.

Generous Tax Benefits

We focus on performing upfront due diligence of potential oil and gas projects, giving our investing partners a greater probability of generating monthly cash flow. 

Generate Passive Income

Minimize Risks + Liability

Each project has its own unique risk-to-reward profile, but our focus is on creating opportunities for qualified investors with maximum upside potential.

“Legacy has been absolutely awesome to work with. From the very first call to the weekly updates he's been very professional. Now that I am invested in one of their projects, the communication has been regular at least once per week and their investor portal is easy to use. I highly recommend them.”

- G. DeJong   

*Note: There are significant risks associated with oil and gas investments. Information found on this site is for general purposes only and is not a solicitation to buy or an offer to sell securities. General information on this site is not intended to be used as individual investment or tax advice. Consult your personal tax advisor concerning the current tax laws and their applicability and effect on your personal tax situation.